Class Descriptions


A beginner ballet class exclusively taught for the three year old dancer. This class offers the very basics of ballet without too much focus on terminology and technique, but instead on continued development of motor skills and coordination. Balance and strengthening exercises are completed with the use of a low balance beam and gym mat. In this class, there is a lot of jumping, kicking, clapping, and fun!


Ballet technique is the foundation for all styles of dance. Focus is on learning proper body alignment and balance while increasing each dancer’s turnout. Coordination of arms and feet is taught through the use of Port de Bras, or carriage of the arms. Correct terminology is utilized in class, including all beginner level classes. This class encompasses barre work, center floor work, traveling progressions, and short combinations.

Ballet Variations

Ballet Variations introduces classical and contemporary ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Paquita, Stars and Stripes, Emeralds, etc.. to intermediate and advance ballet students. Students will receive coaching on performance quality, ballet technique, stage presence, and execution of the variation. This class challenges the dancer to memorize, build strength, and awareness of the true aspect of perform.


Every little ballerina’s dream! An advanced form of ballet where the dancer is wearing specifically designed shoes to enable her to dance on the tips of her toes. A teacher discretion class where the dancer’s feet and ankles are strong enough to support their body weight on pointe. Not every dancer is ready for pointe at the same time, but we begin pointe around the age of 12.


In the beginner levels, emphasis is placed on basic rhythm and learning to make different sounds with all parts of the tap shoe. As the dancer begins to understand basic tap technique, speed is increased and more complex, multiple rhythms are introduced.


A lot of the dancing that is currently seen on TV and in film is jazz dance. This class can range from technical to “funky.” It always begins with a thorough warm-up that involves not only stretching and warming up the muscles, but also involves ballet technique needed to perform the fancy turns and big leaps that define jazz. Core strengthening exercises and learning to isolate parts of the body are also part of the class. All of these things come together to increase the dancers rhythm and musicality.


A combination of ballet and jazz technique put together to tell a story through dance. The movement is to help bring the lyrics of a song to life and convey the message of the song to the audience. This style of dance is very emotional and passionate.


Contemporary explores the core concepts of space, time and energy, as well as the qualitative approach to movement. Each class will integrate concepts of weight, quality, effort, spatial/physical awareness and clarity in movement.


A strengthening and conditioning class that enables the dancer to improve on basics and progress to more advanced jumps, leaps and turns.


A class specifically designed to improve the technical aspects of the dancer. This class includes working on flexibility, turnout, use of plie, lengthening of the leg, and carriage of the arms. In addition to the movement, the dancer begins to understand the specific muscles that must be utilized correctly to perform all styles of dance.




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